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Farm Frenzy 2 v1.1 прикреплена
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Farm Frenzy 2 v1.1 | 33.52 MB

Farm Frenzy 2 will give you a newfound appreciation for Old MacDonald! With a click, click here and a click, click there, you'll be feeding chickens, collecting eggs, stocking up your warehouse and shipping your goods off to market. When you earn enough money, you'll be able to upgrade your buildings to work faster and buy new equipment that can make the goods consumers want! With heel-kickin' music and hours of down-home gameplay, Farm Frenzy 2 offers a bumper crop of fun!

автор: gadio 20 января 2010 Просмотров: 2004 Комментарии (0) | Подробнее


Advance Wars: Dual Strike прикреплена
Раздел: Стратегии

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
NDS | ROM 0088 | USA | 32 Mb

Advance Wars: Dual Strike, the latest game in the award-winning turn-based strategy series, unleashes the power of the Nintendo DS! Direct new Commanding Officers and familiar forces into battle against the nefarious Black Hole Army. Dual-screen battles rage on two fronts while your troops rally behind two COs at the same time! With Touch Screen control and wireless multiplayer gameplay, war has never been more fun! Command powerful new COs and units, including shadowy stealth fighters and hulking megatanks.

автор: Kotek 20 января 2010 Просмотров: 1520 Комментарии (0) | Подробнее


Loco Commotion (PC) прикреплена
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Loco Commotion (PC) | 117 MB
Genre: Puzzle | Strategy
Link (s): hotfile | uploading | rapidshare

Sounds simple but this is one puzzle that will drive you off the rails. In addition to the puzzle game, players can use the built-in game editor to create their own landscapes and train-sets as well as create their own puzzle levels to upload and offer a challenge to other Toy Trains players. The whole world's going loco.

автор: kotel 20 января 2010 Просмотров: 1958 Комментарии (0) | Подробнее


Defense Grid: The Awakening (2009/RUS/RePack) прикреплена
Раздел: Стратегии

Defense Grid: The Awakening – игра, которая заключает в себе смысл – обороны с помощью башен. Другими словами, это когда игрок участвует непосредственно в организации обороны своей базы с помощью башен, усовершенствуя и обновляя их.

автор: mp3 20 января 2010 Просмотров: 1294 Комментарии (0) | Подробнее


Jagged Alliance (PC) прикреплена
Раздел: Стратегии

Jagged Alliance (PC) | 247 MB
Genre: Modern Turn-Based Strategy
Link (s): hotfile | uploading | rapidshare

The land of Metavira needs your help! Contract additional mercenaries as you explore, capture, and hold new territory so the natives can harvest the valuable trees from which a revolutionary medicine can be extracted. The more trees you hold, the more money you make. The more money you have, the more you can do, such as hire native guards, hire more mercs, in order to take the offense and clear the sector of enemies. You will also need to retrieve certain objects from behind enemy lines, rescue captured personnel, capture equipment, and more. Hire a good mechanic in order to get your equipment and guns repaired, and to "enhance" them with various add-ons. Travel through lush jungles, treacherous rivers (with venomous snakes!), and more as you seek to free Metavira. Eventually, you'll meet up with the bad guys' leader in his compound for the final showdown...

автор: omorsik 20 января 2010 Просмотров: 1479 Комментарии (0) | Подробнее


Original War (PC) прикреплена
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Original War (PC) | 1.12 GB
Genre: Strategy
Link (s): hotfile | uploading | rapidshare

It would be easy to write a review of Original War--one that used its tremendous misnomer of a title as the launching point for an urbane, New Yorker-esque critique of time travel and gorillas, which unfortunately is too often what passes for game criticism these days. It would be much harder--but still easy--to criticize the game's dated graphics, simplistic gameplay, incredibly bad voice acting, and nonsensical plot. In fact, criticizing any given element of Original War seems gratuitous, since taken separately, these elements are almost parodies of themselves.The game's plot is silly and further undermined by its atrocious sound

автор: kotel 20 января 2010 Просмотров: 1348 Комментарии (0) | Подробнее


Age of Empires III: Проклятие племени (2006/RUS/ENG) прикреплена
Раздел: Стратегии

В одной из колоний, расположенной на острове Нантакет, подходят к концу запасы провизии и боеприпасов. Чтобы поправить положение колонии Джим Гордон, мэр Нантакета, вместе с отрядом воинов отправляется на Большую Землю. Через некоторое время незащищенный остров подвергается нападению испанских флибустьеров. Спасаясь от пиратов, остатки британских поселенцев с Нантанкета, возглавляемые Томми Райтом, отправляются на корачух-чухх в поисках припасов.

автор: music 20 января 2010 Просмотров: 1958 Комментарии (0) | Подробнее


Heroes of Might and Magic 5 ULTIMATE Collectors Edition 3in1 прикреплена
Раздел: Стратегии

Heroes of Might and Magic 5 ULTIMATE Collectors Edition 3in1
Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy | PC | English | 4.3 GB

While I adore the Heroes franchise, I feel that Nival played it a little too safe with this one. After seeing them show so a bit of originality in their other titles, this feels too much like development-by-the-numbers. To be sure, more Heroes is never a bad thing, but I wish that this game offered more than just a graphical upgrade of the previous titles.Still, more Heroes is more Heroes, and you can hardly disregard that, particularly if you're a fan of the turn-based fantasy strategy genre. The field for these games isn't terribly crowded so it's a sure bet that those of you who...

автор: music 20 января 2010 Просмотров: 1489 Комментарии (0) | Подробнее


Stronghold Crusader Extreme (Full Rip/ENG) прикреплена
Раздел: Стратегии

Stronghold Crusader Extreme (Full Rip/ENG)
PC Game | Windows | Strategy | FireFly Studios | 172 MB

Stronghold: Crusader Extreme is an updated version of 2001's Stronghold expansion, Stronghold: Crusader by Firefly Studios. Crusader Extreme is set in the Middle East during the Crusades era. Stronghold Crusader Extreme has additions of larger armies of 10,000 men, new buildings and missions.

автор: gadio 20 января 2010 Просмотров: 1885 Комментарии (0) | Подробнее


Virtual Villagers: Double Pack прикреплена
Раздел: Стратегии

Virtual Villagers Double Pack | 75 MB

Virtual Villagers: A New Home + Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children

Virtual Villagers A New Home Guide the day-to-day lives of a tribe of little people! Your villagers must learn how to survive by becoming farmers, builders, scientists and parents. As your village grows and prospers, your tribe will become curious about the secrets of their new island home. Uncover mysteries and milestones as you unravel the hidden story of Isola Unique and unpredictable events to keep you on your toes Real-time gameplay – new surprises every time you play!

автор: Kotek 20 января 2010 Просмотров: 1219 Комментарии (0) | Подробнее

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